• Development of a comprehensive management platform for the Utilities industry.
  • Gas-Water-Electricity.
    Development of data interfaces for electric energy regulatory entities.
  • Development of an electronic billing solution, contracts and consumption valuation.
  • Development of on-site mobile billing solution.
  • Measurement, cutoff, reconnection, theft and billing.
  • Development of an e-bike system. Reservation, scheduling and maintenance of shared electric bicycles.
  • Development of a corporate data warehouse.
  • Development of an analytic solution with dashboards, cubes and reports.
  • Implementation, maintenance and support for Red Hat Openshift.
  • Implementation, development and support on the Red Hat JBoss Fuse platform.
  • Development of integration services between Endesa’s legacy systems and the SAM marketing system.
  • Development of a data ingestion and integration solution.
  • Software Factory for Ampla, Coelce and Endesa Spain.