• Development, maintenance and support of a corporate data warehouse for Production, Inventory, Sales, Budget and Costs.
  • Development of an analytic solution with dashboards, cubes and reports for Production, Inventory, Sales, Budget and Costs models.
  • Development of a system for the generation, storage and mass sending of receipts.
  • Development of an integration solution in sales, order, logistics, distribution, transportation, after-sales, production, taxes, collections, foreign trade, bank reconciliations, credit cards, treasury, commercial history, personal expenses and human resources processes.
  • Development of an integration core among more than 50 systems and platforms, including 21 e-commerce stores and benefits, 11 logistics and distribution platforms, 8 government agencies, 3 banks for reconciliations and credit cards, 2 after-sales platforms, 2 CRM systems, ERP, MDM, HR and more than 10 other platforms and products.
    Development of Red Hat Ansible Playbooks.
  • Implementation of Zabbix monitoring solution.
  • Implementation, maintenance and support for Red Hat Openshift.
  • Implementation and support for Terin.
  • Notification automation.
    Support for Red Hat Middleware platforms.